1. Wear proper and tidy uniform

2. No outsider or visitor is allowed with any college student.

3. Be well mannered and respectful to everybody inside and oudside the college.

4. Keep the environment clean and not wander around.

5. All student must obey their teachers.

6. Attend the assembly regularly and take active part in all assembly activities.

7. All student must carry and display their ID cards all the time.

8. Student having less than 75% attendance shall not be allowed to sit in college/Board examination.

9. A written application by parents must be submitted in case of absence.

10. Student failing to submit the application will be considered absent.

11. Half day leave should be taken in advance with genuine reason. Student will not be allowed for half day leave before exist.

12. Monthly fee must be paid till 10th of every month.

13. Any student failing to pay fee for consecutive 2 months will not be allowed to attend the classes.

14. Student have to clear all internal examinations for issuance of Board Admit card.

15. Student must look after their belongings. The college is not responsible for any theft or loss.

16. Student shall protect college property.

17. Student are not allowed to bring any photograps, magazines, mobiles, jewellery, makeup items and any music item.

18. Unhealty food is strictly banned.

19. Parents are bound to attend all PTM’s. 20. If college ID card is lost the student has to report to the college. Duplicate ID card will be issued on payment of surcharge/fine. 


All college rules must be read and understood by students and their parents and must be followed in letter and spirit from first to the last day of college violation of any rule will lead to temporary or premanent termination of admission and expulsion from college.