A variety of teaching strategies are used to develop effective learning skills in students of all classes such as, Cooperative Learning, Task-Based Learning, Discovery Method, Inquiry Approach, etc. Oral presentations, Higher-order Questioning Techniques (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy) are also a regular feature of the teaching process. 

Activity Based Learning

Green Flag Schools & College System Pakistan-no-1-isalamic-school Learners have diverse learning styles and intelligences. In order to accommodate all types of learners, experiences are provided that keep the learners physically and mentally active. Their learning experiences facilitates them to construct new learning on the foundations of their previous learning.

Broad Based Assessment System

At Green Flag Schools & College System, an informal assessment system is used from Pre-nursery to class II. The young learner is not exposed to the tense environment of an examination that inculcates the fear of learning in the young mind. At higher classes, the learners’ assessment is not based on just the examination. The overall performance of the learner throughout the year is recorded. The learners’ monthly tests, class performance and projects are also included along with the Terminal Examination.